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From January 2008 “The Flute Network Recommends…”

Catherine’s Musings, news and views and on-line resources for flutists hosted by Catherine Le Grand. See her weblog online and her on-line teaching site,: MyFlutorials.

North Carolina flutist LeGrand has developed her homepage and blog as a “platform for sharing information, ideas, and resources on breathing, music performance and pedagogy, creativity, the flute and flute-playing.” She posts messages regularly and is constantly adding useful features; the site is well-indexed and it is worth the time to read back to the beginnings of this venture. In recent weeks, she has been putting up videos of a series of interviews she did in the last year with the remarkable pedagogue and freelance flutist Keith Underwood, whose stimulating and exploratory ideas and approaches to making the flutist’s embouchure and breathing more efficient and controlled are gaining more and more followers. (His demonstrations of “tongue controlled” embouchure and the use of “buzzing” as a means of gaining control of the air speed, pressure and direction have caused a lot of discussion on the Internet chat groups, but for those who practice these concepts diligently they are brilliant illustrations of a thoughtful and exploratory way of making the flute more responsive, more resonant, and less stressful.)

Catherine has a humorous approach to teaching the flute; and she is not afraid to try unusual techniques and illustrations to get her points across. She is very serious, however, about sharing her insights and showing flutists at a distance how to improve their playing. Since 2002 she has been gradually developing a method of on-line instruction via her terrifically helpful and interesting website, with articles, video tutorials, phone consultations, and even lessons via teleconferencing. You can see the main features at the LeGrand Studio homepage; then explore the library of free materials, audio and video files, and, if interested in probing deeper, you can subscribe to her service  for either three month or annual subscriptions. She even has a free introductory one-week trial offer for NFA members. While you are at her site, take time to look at her fine gallery of beautiful photographs interspersed with inspirational quotations to ponder.”

--Jerry Pritchard


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