You have made musical history here in Kerr County…Besides the superb playing, the interestingly varied repertoire and the presentation of it were much admired. You have a Class Act.” - Alice Brook, President, Kerrville Performing Arts Society, Texas
Concert Hall
Senza Misura
Catherine LeGrand, flute
Kenneth Grigg, piano

Catherine LeGrand and Kenneth Grigg have been performing together since 1991; their concerts have been described as “buoyant,” “scintillating” and “transcendent.” Their name, Senza Misura, is a play on words meaning “without measure; beyond compare” and “without constraint; freely.”

While performing virtually all standard repertoire for flute and piano, Senza Misura delights in music of lesser-known composers and in creating eclectic and specialized concert programs.

The artists expand the compass of their recitals by the inclusion of works from the rich solo repertoires for their respective instruments. Mr. Grigg’s arrangements and transcriptions of folk and popular music add another dimension to Senza Misura’s concerts.  More About Senza Misura

HEAR SENZA MISURA Live in Concert!

Sonata in Major, BWV 1032

J. S. Bach

When I Wake in the Morning

Traditional; arr. Kenneth Grigg


Pierre Sancan
(b. 1916)

Sonata No. 3

Mike Mower
(b. 1958)

Senza Misura has performed on concert series and at colleges and universities across the South and Midwest. Appearances include Kerrville Performing Arts Society and the Foundation for Modern Music in Houston. Senza Misura has also been recorded and broadcast by KUHF Radio in Houston.

The performers enjoy speaking to their audiences during their concerts, informally or in traditional lecture-recital format.

Guest Artist Concerts

The artists frequently join with guest musicians to form larger chamber ensembles and feel that chamber music in intimate venues -- house concerts soirees, and musicales --is the ultimate listening experience.

Ms. LeGrand and Mr. Grigg are also available for workshops on musical collaboration, individual masterclasses, and solo recitals.

“Catherine LeGrand is an inspiring artist who cares about people and ideas. She believes in making free and expressive music while retaining the essential elements of technique and the composer's intent. Some of the most distinctive characteristics of her playing are fluidity, purity of tone, thoughtful interpretation, and complete lack of tension. She is a uniquely gifted musician...”  -Laura Philbrick, student and private flute teacher

“Catherine's masterful and impassioned playing has many times graced our worship services. Her music has created an atmosphere both aesthetically and spiritually moving, and our congregation is always grateful for her presence!” - Dan Smith, Music Director

“Catherine LeGrand embodies the very best in music professionalism. As flutist, Catherine has a large round sound, capable of strong contrasts combined with a powerful technique.

As a colleague, she displays extraordinary sensitivity in matching other players, working affably in an orchestral setting to get the very best results possible.

As flute concerto soloist with orchestra Catherine is totally reliable; her performance with me of the Stamitz Flute Concerto in G major in 2005 with the Superior Festival Orchestra was note perfect, and demonstrated a sovereign command of her instrument and the stylistic characteristics of Stamitz's music. She is at home and conversant with a wide range of artistic styles and attitudes, including 20th and 21st century works. Catherine LeGrand is an impressive artist. Any chance to engage Catherine for a clinic or especially a solo performance should not be missed.” - Craig Randal Johnson, Conductor, Minneapolis, MN

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity". --Charles Mingus


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Catherine LeGrand