University Singers, Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi (TAMUCC), Dr. Sam Lodgsdon, Director,  taking a “finger breath” while preparing for a performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Catherine LeGrand,
Clinician - Consultant

In-School Consulting
Collaborative Band Clinics
Breathing Workshops
Master Classes
In-Person Learning Options

Clients served include:
  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)
  • San Jacinto College, Pasadena, TX
  • Northwestern Louisiana State University
  • Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI
  • Texas A & M University -- Corpus Christi
  • Wisconsin Conservatory of Music
  • Houston Tidelanders Barbershop Chorus
  • Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts
  • High School for Performing and Visual Arts, Houston, TX
  • Enloe High School, performing arts magnet school, Raleigh, NC
  • Fort Bend ISD Schools (TX)
  • Katy ISD Schools (TX)
  • Wake County Public Schools (NC)
  • Houston Flute Club
  • Raleigh Area Flute Association
Masterclass in Bancock, Thailand
"What Catherine LeGrand has developed is quite unique and interesting: she works on bodily processes to improve tone, articulation, and musical expression.

The breathing, articulation, and vibrato exercises she demonstrated with our students have been exceptionally beneficial both to me and to the students. We can already tell a huge difference in the playing habits of our students. Catherine has helped me to refine my own listening skills as I try to identify exactly what she is listening for as she works on tone quality with each student.

It is fascinating to experience someone operating on an extremely high level of awareness while working with young musicians. She is inspiring to watch.

I highly recommend Catherine LeGrand to you for band clinics and masterclasses without reservation!

James Drew
Band Director, Fort Bend ISD, TX
Counselor, MA, LPC"

"Having worked in tandem with Catherine LeGrand over the past two decades, the best student musicians that I have been privileged to produce during my twenty-seven year career as a band director have been those who were taught cooperatively by the two of us. Her students reap the benefits of inventive flute pedagogy, an insightful approach to efficient breathing and use of the body, in addition to artistic interpretation that can only described as "right on".

Catherine has much to offer to my entire band also as a clinician that has a great grasp on the physical, technical, psychological and musical aspects of performance, and the students all enjoy working with her.

Catherine LeGrand has been a great inspiration to me and to my students through her master classes, private lessons and band clinic sessions, as well as through her wonderful solo recordings."

Ronald Todd
Band Director and Clinician
Katy ISD, TX

“I have worked with Catherine for 15 years now, and I am continually amazed at her ability to help students and teachers improve every aspect of rehearsal and performance. I have never met a more perceptive and innovative person. Both students and their teachers will highly benefit from Catherine’s help, and I strongly urge you to take advantage of her abilities!”

Nathan Carter
Author of “Fundamentals and Technique for Band”
Band Director, Fort Bend County, TX
“Just a note to say Thank You! When you came and listened to both the concert band and wind ensemble, your comments were very insightful. The way of looking at the music through breathing made me think and certainly helped both bands. It was amazing to hear the difference after you made your suggestions!

Your work with our flute section was wonderful. I could hear a difference in their sound and intonation after the first help session.”

John Enloe
Band Director
Wake County, NC

“I have studied with Catherine and watched her teach for more than ten years. I never cease to be amazed by her approach to teaching fundamental concepts of flute playing and musicianship. She routinely finds innovative and highly effective ways to teach the same concepts. The most joyous part is that students are able carry out their intentions in the music.

Regardless of the level of the student - a young beginner, an adult amateur, a college student, or a seasoned professional - she is able to help them sound better, feel more comfortable physically, and gain confidence both in playing and in life. Catherine is always able to describe the big picture of the task at hand and then lead the student to improve their approach to playing.”

John Markert, Pasadena ISD, TX

The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.  -–Pablo Casals, cellist, conductor, and composer (1876-1973)


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Catherine LeGrand