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Online Lessons, Coachings, & Consultations
I began live, online teaching in 2000 for former students and regular out of town clients. I was a pioneer! Technology has improved so much that now an Internet lesson is almost like being in the same room.

While in-person lessons, coachings, and consultations are still best, Internet lessons provide obvious convenience and they are Green, too!

Internet lesson/consultation fee schedule:
20 minutes $25.
30 minutes $35.
45 minutes $50.
60 minutes $70.

Purchase a lesson now
Lessons are payable via PayPal. Discounts given for monthly, quarterly, or annual enrollment.

Iíll email you to schedule the lesson once payment notice is received.

No charge for setup time or for lost connection time.

Broadband connection and webcam required for live video sessions. For students without broadband connection, alternate arrangements for exchange of files through other electronic methods or USPS can be arranged.
Students under 18 please get permission from a parent or guardian before submitting ANY information to a web site. We also suggest that adults talk with their children and students about personal information and the safe use of the internet.



Catherine LeGrand is an inspirational teacher and musician with a natural ability to identify the individual needs of each flute player. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to study with Catherine LeGrand during the crucial years of development at the Performing Arts High School that I attended. She taught me how to practice in a detailed and efficient way and she gave me a strong foundation in every aspect of flute playing. She was undoubtedly my driving force and my main motivation to pursue a career in music.

Catherine instills confidence in her students through encouragement, motivation and inspiration in lessons. I was enthusiastic in my practice because I left each lesson inspired to explore the ideas that were discussed in the lesson. Catherine is extremely dedicated and committed to her students. She devoted many extra hours outside of lessons, such as when I was making recordings for competitions and in helping me prepare for college auditions. I constantly see the influence of Catherine LeGrand, both in my playing and teaching style. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher like Catherine LeGrand and I feel a responsibility to pass on the knowledge that I was given from such an extraordinary teacher. 

-- Sabrina Hu
 Teaching Assistant/Doctoral Candidate, Michigan State University,
M.M., Royal Northern College of Music, England,
B.M. Mannes College of Music, student of Keith Underwood
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